Unveil The Hidden Treasures Of North Lake Powell By: Juan Garcia

Calling all Lake Powell Explorers! Your adventure awaits you at the breathtaking destination of Ticaboo at North Lake Powell in Utah. This region offers an abundance of exhilarating off-roading experiences, exciting events, and comfortable lodging for overnight stays. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the thrilling escapades and hidden gems that North Lake Powell has to offer, ensuring an unforgettable trip for all adventure enthusiasts.

About Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir that spans the boundaries of both Utah and Arizona and came into existence as a result of the flooding caused by the Glen Canyon Dam – leading to the formation of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The lake itself is named after John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran, who extensively explored the region by boat. Because of its unique location and exquisite beauty, Lake Powell has become a sought-after place for adventure seekers.

Things To Do At Lake Powell

Lake Powell offers an abundance of exciting activities that will keep you eagerly anticipating the next adventure waiting around every corner. Discover the wonders of a destination that promises to be your ultimate adventure spot not just now, but for years to come. Read on to explore the reasons why North Lake Powell will capture your heart and become your go-to destination for thrilling escapades and cherished memories!

Lake Powell Adventures


Off-roading here is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life! Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a first-time adventurer, there are off-roading trails and experiences for everyone to savor. 

Opt to rent a SXS/UTV from our Ticaboo Adventure Center or if you prefer to bring your own OHV for transportation, we are here to guide you through an exhilarating journey.


Ticaboo Lodge caters to both technical and non-technical slot canyons, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for all. If you prefer a slot canyon adventure without rappelling or intense climbing, we offer picturesque and easily navigable slots that are perfect for capturing stunning photographs and enjoying a taste of the canyoneering experience. On the other hand, for those seeking a more challenging escapade, our team of skilled guides and top-notch gear are ready to provide the ultimate canyoneering adventure.

We offer canyoneering for large groups, as well as private excursions for groups of 1-6 people. Our expertise extends to guiding numerous Boy Scout groups, ensuring excellent guidance and personalized attention to make your canyoneering adventure truly unforgettable.


Lake Powell offers an idyllic haven for hikers, boasting an extensive selection of trails catering to various preferences and skill levels. You have your choice of short one-hour hikes to overnight camping and backpacking adventures. 

Maybe you prefer dog-friendly or kid-friendly trails, or if you’re up for a more challenging experience by connecting to The Hayduke Trail, our experts will direct you towards the perfect hiking destination.


While Utah comprises 95% of the expansive Lake Powell, the majority of the busyness of tourists flock to the opposite end of the lake in Page, Arizona. This makes for the perfect opportunity for you to gain exclusive access to hundreds of miles of pristine shoreline and tranquil waters, seemingly all to yourself.


North Lake Powell isn’t solely a sanctuary for solo adventure enthusiasts; it’s also a vibrant hub for thrilling events that unite adrenaline-seekers from far and wide. Curated by dedicated off-road communities, these events provide a unique avenue to forge connections with fellow riders while discovering untamed trails. 

Be it a heart-racing competition across demanding terrains or a relaxed guided expedition to uncover hidden marvels, the ATV/UTV events are an absolute must on your itinerary!

Marine Services

As a leading provider in the Bullfrog Marina basin of Lake Powell, North Lake Powell Marine offers top-tier services for boat rentals, houseboat services, powerboat services, and secure dry dock storage. 

Whether you require dependable dry dock storage, proficient boat repair and maintenance, watercraft rentals, or a great dining spot, we have you covered. Backed by more than two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, it’s evident why countless boating enthusiasts trust North Lake Powell Marine to host their vacation and ensure its a successful visit each time.

Lodging And RV Park

As your gateway to adventure and the perfect opportunity to get away from the crowds and long lines, Ticaboo Lodge offers the perfect retreat where you can unwind and immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. 

Each thoughtfully-designed room and house invites you to relax after a day of exploration. With a range of accommodation options, from comfortable lodge rooms to standalone vacation homes, your preferences and needs are perfectly catered to. 

For those RV enthusiasts, our RV Park offers spacious and well-maintained sites with the convenience of full hook-ups within close proximity to thrilling off-roading trails and water-based activities. You can settle in with ease while being surrounded by panoramic vistas that stretch to the horizon.

Book Your Stay, Call Today

North Lake Powell is a haven for Lake Powell explorers seeking thrilling off-roading adventures amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. From the red rock wonderland to the top of Tower Butte, and from exciting events to comfortable lodging options, this region has it all. Now’s the time to embrace the call of the wild, and let your journey begin! 

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