Let Your

Adventures Begin

“Two roads diverged in a wood...I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

At Ticaboo Lodge you have access to hundreds of miles of trails with different scenery around every turn...

Don’t miss this one of a kind experience.

Our staff is very familiar with various trails and can assist you with finding the trail that best suits your style and interests. Scenic? We can point you to gorgeous red rock canyons. Wildlife? How about bison, and maybe a glimpse of a mountain lion or bobcat? History? Take a walk through time and visit old dinosaur stomping grounds, ruins and rock art from lost civilizations, or explore the numerous abandoned mines and ranches that dot our trail system. That’s what we do - create memorable lifetime experiences!

Your family will love the badlands! Search for fossils, such as Devil’s Toenails (fossilized clams over 250 million years old), coprolite (petrified dinosaur dung), petrified wood, and learn the history of the ancient sea that once filled this land, and the dinosaurs that once roamed here!

We can point you in the direction of ancient petrified logs over 200 million years old! Some are as long as 60 feet with a 5 foot circumference!

Every year now, the Annual Ticaboo ATV/UTV Rally is held out of Ticaboo Lodge with free guided rides on various trails that explore the scenic beauty of the Bullfrog Basin, the Henry Mountains, and all the surrounding red rock and desert terrain. Join us this year for our Rally in Bullfrog Valley!

Life is a gamble - Come to North Lake Powell and play our slots!

The fun begins at the end of the road.

The scenery is what we’re known for - and solitude. From the last explored mountain range in the US to our deepest canyon, our offroad trail network will surprise you with the scenic beauty within the Henry Mountains and Glen Canyon.

North Lake Powell OffRoad Bucket List

Ask our trained staff where to find the best adventure on your next offroad exploration!

All of our roads are the roads less traveled...

...the question is: Do you want to follow in other people’s tracks? Or do you want to blaze your own trail? Explore North Lake Powell!

You don’t have to go boating to get wet at North Lake Powell

Experience world-class canyoneering in our backyard!

Ticaboo Lodge specializes in technical and non-technical slot canyons, so if you’d like to experience some slots without any rappelling or serious climbing, we have beautiful,
easy-to-navigate slots to give you a taste and provide stunning photographic opportunities.

If you want something more challenging, we have skilled guides and all the gear to give you the best experience in the North Lake Powell area!

Technical slots await your discovery...

...or non-technical slots for a more comfortable challenge

Learn to stem your way through the slots!

Are you looking to introduce kids to the slots?
We offer private and group outings.

Have you ever rappelled through an arch?

More exploration with a helmet, a harness, and a rope system.

Ticaboo Lodge can arrange a private 1-6 person canyoneering excursion, or if you have a large group, we can handle that, too! We’ve guided numerous Boy Scout groups and can give your group excellent guidance and the special attention to make your adventure more than memorable!

Without action you aren’t going anywhere.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a hole? Do you want to get out and explore? Let Ticaboo Lodge show you North Lake Powell - we’re all about Adventure!

Ticaboo Lodge is pet friendly, and a perfect dog-friendly hike to the “Eye of Sinbad” gets you up close and personal with amazing rock art, a terrific experience hiking to remote caves with your furry friend!

Oh, you like hiking?

North Lake Powell is a hiker’s paradise! There are hundreds of trails from 1 hour to overnight camping and backpacking to choose from... dog-friendly, kid-friendly, or try something more difficult by hooking up to The Hayduke Trail! Let Ticaboo Lodge be your compass...you tell us your desires, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Or just walk and explore the amazing hiking trails of North Lake Powell.

North Lake Powell provides easy access to the southern and more remote section of Capital Reef National Park and Glen Canyon NRA hiking destinations!

Mille Craig Bend on the Colorado River

Hamburger Hoodoos

Brimhall Arch in Capital Reef

Approach to Smithfork Canyon

Let Ticaboo Lodge show you Brimhall Arch, a fantastic double arch on a 4.8-mile round-trip hike. Interested in a longer hike? The Hamburger Hoodoos are 9 miles round-trip - both hikes are located in the remote southern Capital Reef section, an easy 30-mile drive from Ticaboo Lodge along The Burr Trail.

Did you know North Lake Powell has its own horseshoe bend along the Colorado River? It’s located at our Hite Outpost location in Cataract Canyon called Mille Craig Bend - no crowds, no tour buses, just a beautiful hike to a gorgeous view of the Colorado River - right here in North Lake Powell!

North Lake Powell is also close to Natural Bridges National Monument - 3 awesome natural bridges to fulfill your hiking agenda!

As if that isn’t enough, there are more well preserved ancient ruins in the North Lake Powell area than you can hike to in a lifetime! Come see why this place has been so popular for over 1,000 years!

House on Fire Ruins

Moon House Ruins

This is North Lake Powell - more remote, more secluded, more adventure!

Water sports activities on North Lake Powell

Within Utah lies 95% of Lake Powell, yet 95% of tourism goes to the other end of the lake in Page, Arizona. What does that mean to you? It means hundred and hundreds of miles of shoreline and lake all to yourself! Very little traffic, solitude, and having the lake all to yourself are just a few of the reasons Ticaboo Lodge and North Lake Powell appeal to adventurers.

Ticaboo Lodge offers numerous opportunities to explore North Lake Powell, including:

  • Power Boat Rentals
  • Kayaks
  • Paddleboards
  • Jet Ski Rentals
  • Pontoon Boat Rentals
  • Waterski & Tube Rentals

Jet ski rentals are a great way to explore North Lake Powell

Rent a pontoon boat and find your secluded paradise!

Visit Defiance House ruins and rock art with any Ticaboo Lodge boat rental

At Ticaboo Lodge, our goal is for you to get out, explore, and enjoy! Let us show you how to navigate to Rainbow Bridge National Monument! We can direct you to beautiful ruins on the lake at Defiance House, dinosaur track sites, gorgeous canyons, or even where to catch you evening meal if you’re looking for a fish fry. We are Ticaboo Lodge - We are North Lake Powell!

Rent a boat and take a day trip to the largest natural bridge in the world - Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Ticaboo Lodge will show you how to find
Defiance House ruins