Wheeling Utah Off-Road Trip! By: slangadmin

Author: Brant Repman | Houseboat Operations & QHSE Supervisor

Think of this for a moment.  All that is required to have the best off-road trip in Utah, is a decision to have an explorers’ journey.  Racing down burr trail watching the sand fly from the rear tires of your favorite off-road vehicle as you head toward a 100-foot slot canyon.  You marvel at the beauty of the wide-open blue skies and amazing obstacles that lay before you.  All the while temptations to climb rocks and hills tug at your inner heartstrings to be a courageous adventurer and explore one of the best areas for off-roading.

Wheeling Utah has been one of the best experiences I have had.  Driving through the woods, climbing logs, cruising the beach in Maryland and Pennsylvania, nothing has beaten the vast wilderness of Utah. Taking off-road trips up to Mt. Hillers is one of my favourite rides.  While the cooler temperatures are one of the main draws to the mountain, the trail to get there is amazing.  Taking you through an old uranium mine, down a deep rocky wash, and on top of an enormous slot canyon by a cowboy camp, there are plenty of obstacles to please every level of off-road skills.  Once on the base of the mountain, you go from the open desert to tight turns and switchbacks leading you through trees and shade to give you a break from the radiating sun.  After making your way through the trees and winding trails you make it close to the summit of the mountain.

The cooler temperatures are refreshing, the overview of Ticaboo is breathtaking and is easily one of my favourite rides that I would highly suggest to anyone wanting to go wheeling in Utah.

As one of the best places in America to go for all off-roading enthusiasts, Utah simply does not disappoint.  Moab has one of the largest gatherings of Jeeps, side-by-side, trucks, four-wheelers, and any vehicle built for exploring some of the best trails in the area.  Every year thousands of off-roading enthusiasts gather in the state of Utah looking for another trail to conquer and obstacles to test their courage and skills.  Ticaboo is easily one of the best of these areas for explorers, offering tapestry walls, Geo cash boxes, mountains, rocks, and slot canyons, plus the beautiful lake Powell for when you just want to cool off in the country’s second-largest man-made lake.  Discover the beauty of Utah in your favorite off-road vehicle, exploring all the amazing challenges and scenery that are some of the best in the world.

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