Best Trails For Off-Road Adventures In North Lake Powell: A Thrill Seeker’s Guide By: Juan Garcia

North Lake Powell is a haven for adventure enthusiasts seeking the ultimate off-road experience. Its unique terrain, a blend of sandy dunes, rocky trails, and breathtaking desert landscapes makes it an irresistible destination for off-roaders. This guide will unveil the best off-road trails in North Lake Powell that’ll help you make the most of your adventure while staying safe and equipped.

Why North Lake Powell Is An Off-Roader’s Paradise

Diverse Terrain

North Lake Powell is a paradise for off-road enthusiasts due to its diverse terrain. From the shifting sands of the desert dunes to the rugged, rocky trails, this area offers a wide range of landscapes to explore. This diversity means that you can easily tailor your off-road adventure to your skill level and preferences.

Scenic Beauty

One of the key attractions of North Lake Powell is its stunning scenery. The desert landscapes, deep canyons, and views of the shimmering lake create a visual spectacle that will leave you in awe as you navigate the off-road vehicle trails. Every twist and turn reveals a new breathtaking vista.


Off-roaders of all levels are welcome! Whether you’re a novice looking for an introduction to off-roading or an expert seeking a challenge, you’ll find suitable adventure trails here. The availability of Lake Powell trail difficulty levels promises that everyone can enjoy this off-road paradise.

Lake Powell UTV trails are a gateway to an exhilarating world of adventure for those who seek thrills on wheels. Discover the following hidden gems that make this region truly remarkable:

Bull Creek Pass

Bull Creek Pass is designated a Utah Scenic Byway in eastern Garfield County, and for good reason. This 62-mile round-trip ride takes you from the desert floor and the awe-inspiring hoodoo formations at Little Egypt to the incredible views and stomping grounds of the Henry Mountain’s very own buffalo herd, remnants of the Yellowstone herd. With an elevation gain of over 5,500 feet, you will enjoy beautiful desert scenery and the aroma of pinyon pines and sage high in the forested mountains on this 6-8 hour exploration.

The Bull Creek Pass Trail is rated “Easy”, providing riders with rockhounding and gold panning opportunities, old mining history, and abundant wildlife such as buffalo, large mule deer, and the ever-shy mountain lion. Not to mention the photo opportunities are unlimited, as is the remoteness. The trail can be accessed by either HWY 95 or HWY 276.

The Narrows To Ticaboo Loop

The Narrows to Ticaboo Loop is rated “Easy” and is a delightful 55-mile trail that leaves directly from two different staging areas along Hwy 276 (MM26 or MM32). Eastern Garfield County has some of the most beautiful scenic views of Lake Powell from high above on the slickrock formations and is easily accessible with your UTV. Along the way, you will have majestic views of the Henry Mountains, the high desert terrain, and you can even try your luck with a famous slot canyon just 20 minutes from Ticaboo. It’s important to note that 72” machines barely fit.

On this trail, there are numerous rockhounding sites, and some terrific locations to cook out lunch and gaze upon the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. If you are up for some slot canyon hikes, you can access those trails from this loop. This is a terrific half-day ride to warm you up!

One of the best scenic trail rides that leaves right from Ticaboo Lodge is the 50-mile Hiller’s Loop Trail, taking you from the desert floor up into the mountainous confines of Mt. Hillers. This trail is rated “More Difficult” because of a 3-4 mile section that is a little more difficult than the other remaining 45+ miles, but the terrain is simply gorgeous. 

Along the way, you’ll pass through the desert and see the old uranium mines, explore the excellent rockhounding of our “Jurassic Park”, visit the 1880 ruins of Starr Ranch, gain altitude up the Ghost Ridge and gaze out upon Lake Powell and red rock country from 8,000 feet,

ride through some creeks, enjoy the history, lunch at Bastian Reservoir, and round the western slope of Mt. Hillers as you pass through Stanton’s Pass and the Quaking Aspens. 

The scenic views are astounding, the wildlife is abundant, and the photographic opportunities are extraordinary. The trail can be accessed from Ticaboo Lodge, our rental homes, or at Starr Springs Campground.

Shootering To Star Springs

A fun and exciting trail, Shootering to Star Springs, offers a rider a trail labeled “More Difficult” for 45 miles. You’ll find the ride to the abandoned uranium mines rather easy, where you can learn the history of uranium production that helped build our nation post-WWII. From there, it starts getting a little more technical as you traverse Shootering Canyon to some nice petrified forests, and then the even more difficult rating along Star Creek Benches. The desert scenery is fantastic, and the photo opportunities are everlasting!

You come across a couple of old ranches, one dating back to the 1880’s, and wonder at the intricate detail put into the architecture of the ruins. Now you’re up in elevation on Mt. Hillers, so you might find comfort in the cooler weather than the desert floor. The trail descends back into a colorful desert scene where more rockhounding opportunities exist, and always have your camera ready! The trail can be accessed at Ticaboo Lodge’s parking lot.

Safety Tips For Off-Roading In North Lake Powell

Before hitting the trails, it’s essential to prioritize safety guidelines for outdoor adventures:

Vehicle Preparedness

Ensure your off-road vehicle is equipped for the terrain you plan to tackle. This includes sturdy tires, sufficient ground clearance, and protective gear such as skid plates.
If you’re looking forward to renting off-road equipment during your visit, you can rest assured they come equipped with everything you need.

Weather Considerations

This area experiences extreme weather conditions. It’s crucial to check the weather forecast and plan your off-road adventure during the milder seasons to avoid extreme heat or cold.

Trail Etiquette

Respect other off-roaders and the environment by staying on designated trails, packing up all trash, and avoid disturbing wildlife. It’s important to follow established rules and regulations to protect this unique ecosystem.

Equipment And Off-Road Gear Recommendations

Essential Gear

Safety gear is non-negotiable. Helmets, gloves, protective clothing, and sturdy boots are essential to protect yourself in case of accidents.

Vehicle Upgrades

Depending on the trail you choose, consider vehicle modifications such as reinforced bumpers, winches, and rock sliders. These upgrades can make a significant difference in your off-road experience.

Navigation Tools

Reliable maps, GPS devices, or apps specifically designed for off-roading are crucial. They’ll help you stay on course and ensure you don’t get lost in the vast terrain.

Guided Tours vs. Independent Exploration

Benefits Of Guided Tours

If you’re new to North Lake Powell off-roading, a guided tour can be a fantastic option. Expert guides know the area like the back of their hand and can provide valuable knowledge about the terrain, history, and hidden gems. Guided off-road tours also prioritize safety and provide peace of mind for those less-experienced off-roaders.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our guests say about off-roading adventures with us!

Thrills Of Independent Exploration

Independent exploration offers the freedom to chart your own course, set your pace, and discover hidden off-road treasures on your own terms. Experienced off-roaders often prefer this option to fully immerse themselves in the thrill of the adventure.

Nearby Attractions And Amenities

After a day of off-roading, you’ll want to relax and refuel. Here are a few options:

Camping Spots

There are numerous off-road camping spots in North Lake Powell for those who want to extend their off-road adventure. Camp under the desert stars and wake up to the breathtaking views of the lake. Popular spots include Lone Rock Beach and Wahweap Campground.

Learn more about where to stay in North Lake Powellhere.

Local Eateries

If you’d rather dine out nearby, Page, Arizona has a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can savor local cuisine and recharge for another day of adventure.

Other Activities

It isn’t only about off-roading adventure around here. There are plenty of other activities in North Lake Powell to try. You can enjoy watersports like kayaking and paddleboarding on the lake, hike through scenic trails, or simply relax on the shores and soak up the serene atmosphere.

Explore The Best Off-Road Trails Lake Powell

The breathtaking North Lake Powell scenery coupled with the accessibility of trails and the thrill of navigating challenging terrains makes it a top destination for thrill-seekers. And remember that it’s essential to prioritize safety, respect the environment, and equip yourself adequately for the adventure.

Ready to kick up some dust and embark on an off-road adventure in North Lake Powell? Gear up, stay safe, and share your thrilling experiences with us!

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