About Us

Several years ago, we set out to find undiscovered beauty in uncharted geographies.

North Lake Powel is the most stunning, unexplored, naturally beautiful, and remote area in the United States.

Come here to Detach, Breathe and Recreate. North Lake Powell Development: The place to invest, partner, preserve, and live. Building an unmatched legacy for generations to come.

North Lake Powell Experience
The Ultimate Destination to Detach, Breathe, and Recreate

North Lake Powell is the right place to fuel one’s enthusiasm for boating, waterskiing, fishing, camping, hiking, canyoneering and exploring the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

In total, this unique, master-planned project encompasses over 2000 acres, purposely designed to address every need. From comprehensive boat services and storage, to lodging and UTV rentals, to future green neighborhoods, restaurants and specialty stores.

Needless to say, the North Lake Powell project is intentionally built for the adventure-minded individual, regardless of how broadly one can define “adventure”.  All this while preserving one of the last remaining, most naturally beautiful and secluded corners of the world.

Who We Are

Bob Mitchell - North Lake Powell UT

Bob Mitchell


Mr. Mitchell has dedicated his career to exploring new horizons as an executive director and investor; building teams and pursuing innovation with an eye on projects that address unmet needs while promoting societal progress. Having gained extensive operating experience in numerous areas, holding positions including Chairman, CEO, President or Director, Bob has the reputation and has become known as a mentor and change agent. His track record magnifies success in more than 20 innovative companies.

David Curtis - North Lake Powell UT

David Curtis


Dave is a dynamic entrepreneur and passionate about the North Lake Powell Region. Dave brings over 25 years of real estate investment, development and management experience to the team, working with condo’s, hotels, apartments, land development and farming and cattle ranching. Dave loves Lake Powell, Canyoneering and exploring the desert and Henry Mountains.

John Motley - North Lake Powell UT

John Motley

General Manager for Ticaboo,
Offshore Marina and Hite Operations

Mr. Motley joined the team of Ticaboo Mgmt. LLC in November of 2016, and has 28 years of management, development, fiscal/financial performance, hospitality and running diverse properties for the team that he made a mark in the business. Having gained professional experience in certain fields that helped build the North Lake Powell as it is today. His career and specialty of providing remote hospitality, in a variety of places including 4 National parks, Old West Towns, and in the Gulf of Mexico in 10,000 feet of water on floating oil drilling rigs are one of his successes as a businessman.

Lee Ann Mitchell - North Lake Powell UT

Lee Ann Mitchell

Ticaboo Resort/Development Realtor, Equity Real Estate

When Lee Ann and her husband Bob became partners on the Ticaboo project, it was not only the memories they had on the LAKE,  but THE DESERT that called them. There really is no place like Ticaboo and the surrounding area to find true serenity. 

Lee Ann is a passionate Realtor, specializing in the North Lake Powell area. Lee Ann has created a reputation of going the extra mile to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied. 

Lee Ann loves hiking, biking, gardening, animals and spending time with her family and friends.